St Joseph’s Donaghmore Staff


Mrs G. Donnelly

Vice Principal

Mrs A. McGleenan

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Mrs A. McGleenan (VP) Safe Guarding, Child Protection, Health & Safety, Pastoral
Mr N. O’Neill Curriculum Development, School Calendar, Reports & Tracking
Ms O. Goodwin Curriculum Manager, Post 16, VLE Coordinator, SIMS & C2K Manager
Mr P. Corrigan Behaviour, CEAIG, Collaboration, KS4 Coordinator
Mrs S. MhicGiollaCholaim Head of IMS, KS3 & KS4 in IMS, Curriculum & Careers
Ms C. Taggart Raising Standards, Community Links, Staff Development,
Mr P. Quinn Timetable, Exam/Data Collection & Analysis, KS3 Coordinator


Year Heads

Year 8 Ms C. Begley
Year 9 Ms S. Hughes
Year 10 Mr J. McGrath
Year 11 Mrs A. Fitzgerald
Year 12 Ms Z. Turbett
Years 13 & 14 Ms O. Goodwin & Mr P. Wallace


All Teaching Staff

MathsHOD – Mrs M. Garvey

Ms M. McCoy (SENCO)

Mr P. Quinn

Ms A. Carroll

Mr P. Wallace


HOD – Dr A. O’Neill

Ms A. Carroll


Mrs M. Donnelly (Teacher in Charge)

Mr J. McGrath

(Assistant Examinations Officer)


Mr N. O’Neill (Teacher in Charge)

Mr P. Wallace


Dr A. O’Neill (Teacher in Charge)

Mr M. McAleer

Mrs R. Millar


HOD – Mrs E. Quinn

Ms J. Griffin


HOD – Mrs S. Mhic Giolla Cholaim

Ms S. Hughes (SENCO)

Mrs S. McIlvanna  (Archives)

Mr J.J. Doherty

Ms A.M. Rafferty

Mr S. Turner


HOD – Mme B. Corr

Mrs F. Bullock


HOD – Mr P. Corrigan

Mrs R. Millar

Learning for Life & Work

HOD – Ms J. McLaren

(Vocational Subjects Co-ordinator)

EnglishHOD – Mrs K. Donnelly

Ms C. Begley

Ms A. Fitzgerald

Ms Z. Turbett

Mrs F. Bullock


HOD – Ms C. Taggart

Mrs R. Wardle

Home Economics

HOD – Mrs Deidre McGoldrick

Dr L. Daly

Mrs A. McGleenan


HOD – Mrs D. Dolan

Ms O. Goodwin


HOD – Mr A. Gallagher

(Alternative Curriculum Officer)

Mr P. Corrigan

Physical Education

HOD – Mr D. Gallagher

Ms J. McLaren

Mr S. Turner

Business Studies/Accounts

HOD – Mrs A. Garvey

(Examinations Officer)


HOD – Mrs R. Corr

Technology & Design

HOD – Mr L. O’Neill

Ms J. Griffin


HOD – Mrs F. McFarland (Fundraising)

Ms L. McKernan


HOD – Ms C. Begley

Ms S. Hughes


Office Personal

Mrs A. McCall Bursar
Ms A. McGirr Personal Assistant to the Principal
Ms C. McKenna Senior Clerical Officer
Mrs S. Clarke Clerical Officer/Examinations Support
Mrs M. O’Gara Clerical Officer

Technical Support

Mr G. Mulholland Technology Technician
Mr E. Kane ICT Technician
Mr A. Daly ICT Technician
Mrs A. McGuigan Laboratory Technician
Mrs M. McKeown Home Economics Technician


Mrs M. McHugh Study Hall Supervisor

Classroom Assistants

Mrs P. Lawlor Classroom/Domestic Assistant for Special Needs
Mrs M. McCann Classroom/Domestic Assistant for Special Needs
Mrs B. Conlon Domestic Assistant for Special Needs
Mrs P. Bayne-Friel Domestic Assistant for Special Needs
Mrs T. Devlin Domestic Assistant for Special Needs
Mrs L. Lougharn Domestic Assistant for Special Needs
Mrs S. McCann Domestic Assistant for Special Needs
Ms D. Nevin Classroom Assistant


Mr P. McCann Caretaker
Mr T. Hughes Bus Driver

Cleaning Staff

Mr G. Ferguson Mrs K. Haughey
Mrs B. McCaul Mrs M. McVeigh
Ms M. Donohue Ms I. Jukniene
Mr T. Hughes Mrs C. Buloson Oliver

 Canteen Staff

Mrs T. Gervin (Manager) Mrs M. Bullock
Ms M. McVeigh Mrs J. McKeever
Mrs C. Buloson Oliver Mrs B. McCaul
Mrs E. Bleeks Mrs B. Burns
Mrs E. McStravog Mrs M. Donoghue
Mrs E. McGee Mrs S. Donaghy