Congratulations to Credit Union Quiz Team

A huge well done and Congratulations go to Mrs Millar and the four Year 8 students Daniel, Niamh, Eoghan and Eimear on participating in the All Ireland Credit Union Quiz in Dublin last weekend.

Parent Exam Support

Dear Parents/ Carers,

as exam time draws near you may be struggling to try to find ways to support your child through this important stage in their life.

Below is a resource compiled by Mrs Graham (Head of Year 12) which is mainly aimed at GCSE pupils but there may be content which is applicable to all exam years.

We would encourage you to print this booklet out and use the revision timetables to help keep your child/ children focused.


We wish every student success in their upcoming exams!

Yr 9 Visit to Dungannon Court House

A group of Y9 pupils visited Dungannon Court House this week as part of their preparations for the Mock Magistrates Competition which will take place in March.

The group gained an insight into the layout of the court, and which courts are used for various types of cases! They even got to sit in the Magistrate’s chair and in the dock where the defendant sits – somewhere that they hope not to return to!

It was great fun, and each pupil left with some pointers to help them out for our competition.

Judge and Jury!

Guilty or not???

The whole truth and noting but the truth!

You can’t handle the truth!!!