Welcome to the St Josephs Grammar School Donaghmore Geography Department. At SJS we teach Geography from Key Stage 3 to A-Level. Our aim as a department is to ensure that all pupils attain the highest grades possible and whilst doing so they develop a sense of place and a sense of citizenship within the world.

Members of Department:

HOD: Mr P Corrigan
Teachers: Mr A Gallagher
Miss O Goodwin


  • Provides opportunities through fieldwork, for first hand investigation of places, environments and human behaviour
  • Builds a knowledge and understanding of current events from local to global
  • Develops skills for the future, including literacy, numeracy, ICT, problem -solving, team work, thinking skills and enquiry
  • Values your views when making decisions about issues

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 involves pupils in developing a keen interest in trying to understand major issues that they encounter in their local community and through the media. Through Geography the pupils are able to explore

  • their sense of identity and belonging,
  • their curiosity about the world around them, and
  • their value system about how we interact with our world and with each other.

For Geography to be relevant in the Northern Ireland revised curriculum it must help the pupils to develop as individuals, as contributors to society and as contributors to the economy and environment.

Geography can address these by;

Developing young people as individuals;
Helping pupils explore their sense of place and belonging to their own locality and how they interact with the wider world enables pupils to develop an appreciation for physical and human diversity and gain some understanding of the needs and perspectives of others.

Developing young people as contributors to society;
Giving pupils a sense of themselves as social beings and how they relate to one another and their environments makes them aware of values and lifestyles that are different from their own and helps them make reasoned judgements in relation to ethical issues.

Developing young people as contributors to the economy and environment;
Giving pupils an awareness of our place in a changing economy and how we interact with our environment enhances their potential to operate effectively and responsibility in a changing world.

“As a young man, my fondest dream was to become a geographer”

Albert Einstein

KS3 pupils have 3 Single Periods (90 mins) of Geography per week. The pupils are assessed with tracking tests in October, December, March and June Key Stage 3 Curriculum



Geography Competitions

Environmental Youth Speak 2013

Congratulations to Lawrence McIlvenna who represented St.Joseph’s and the Dungannon and South Tyrone Borough Council at the recent Environmental Youth Public Speaking Competition Final at the Roe Valley Arts and Cultural Centre in Limavady. Having triumphed in the local council heats, Lawrence competed against pupils from all 26 Councils in Northern Ireland. On this occasion Lawrence did not walk away with the top prize but he certainly did St. Joseph’s and the Geography Department proud with a humorous and informative presentation on ‘The True Cost of Waste’. In true fighting spirit, Lawrence has vowed to come back stronger next year!

Environmental youth speak


Year 8 Geography Factor

geo xfactor pics

Year 9 Volcanoes Project

volcano pics

Year 9 Eco Group planting trees in Donaghmore village

tree planting

Is Geography a good choice?

You may be planning to go to university, or you may only be at the stage of choosing to study the subject further within the school curriculum. Most students enjoy the scope of the material they cover in Geography, the insights it can provide into understanding the world around us and the sheer contemporary nature of the issues it tackles. Key elements in the study of any subject are understanding and skills.

Is Geography a good choice in terms of getting a job?

The skills you use in your geographical studies make you of potential interest to a wide range of employers. The close link between the subject and the world around us makes for a long and varied list of related careers for example working with development or aid agencies, environmental work, using Geographical Information Systems, working for the census office and in tourism and recreation. However most of these areas involve only one part of the broad subject of Geography. Statistics show that compared with other subjects, geographers are among the most employable. Many of those leaving university with a geography degree enter three fields of employment: administration and management; marketing or financial work. This is presumably because geographers possess the abilities and skills that employers look for.

Jobs in Geography

  • Chartered Surveyor
  • Cartograph
  • Climataologist
  • Engineering
  • GIS Analyst
  • Hydrologist
  • Journalism
  • Land Management
  • Marketing
  • Meteorologist
  • Primary and Secondary Teacher
  • Primary and Secondary Teacher
  • Project Development Officer
  • Environmental Health Officer
  • Tourism
  • Town Planner
  • Traffic Management Technician
  • Renewable energy


Year 11 Revised GCSE Curriculum

gcse table 1

GCSE Fieldwork Photographs Study of the Cladagh/Aughinrawn River                    Co. Fermanagh


 Using a digital flow meter to measure river velocit

fieldwork 2Measuring river channel width and depth

AS/A2 Level

AS table 1

Year 13 Fieldwork in November,

A study of vegetation across sand dunes at Mullaghmore beach Co. Sligo.

AS Trip 1

Identifying vegetation species along a line transect on sand dunes 

AS Trip 2

Taking a soil sample

AS Trip 3

Using an anemometer to test wind speed