The Science department, encompassing the areas of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, occupies five laboratories which are currently undergoing refurbishment. As a department we are committed to promoting and enhancing the learning of our students through our teaching and use of practical activities.

Science 1


  • To enhance scientific knowledge
  • To encourage an awareness of the important role of science in every day life and future career path
  • To develop the skills of investigation and analysis
  • To develop practical skills


Science is an integral part of the curriculum at Key Stage 3 where students study General Science, covering the 3 aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

After three years they specialise and study Biology, Chemistry and Physics separately as either Single or Double award Science at Key Stage 4.

Many of our students choose to continue to study one or more of the Sciences at A-Level where they achieve a high level of success.


Extra curricular Science

To extend the learning of our students we allow them to experience science outside the classroom. We aim to enhance their scientific experience by enabling them to try things outside the constraints of the curriculum. Our Science club and Gardening club are two such opportunities where our students are allowed to go beyond the curriculum requirements and broaden their scientific knowledge.

Science 4