Year 10

This year I was part of a group of students selected to go to Queen’s University on Tuesday 20th January 2015 to take part in a STEM science programme.  We were taken around Queen’s science complex and got to take part in some exciting experiments. We got to play with dancing robots, a pair of virtual goggles and a machine that makes music when you move.  We also had the opportunity to extract DNA from strawberries and learn about what cancer actually is. We also got to do tests to find out about different types of gel. Of course it wasn’t the gel you’d put in your hair but more like jelly. We got to shoot it from a syringe, throw it at a board and compete to be the first to discover which was the thickest gel. It was brilliant craic and we got to see and use lots of expensive equipment.

The trip has taught me many new things and I have developed a curiosity to find out about new things. It has inspired me to go to Queen’s to study science.

Conn Fearon (Year 10 Student)