Year 8

Amazing Brains
On Thursday 2nd October, Year 8 Pupils from St. Joseph’s Grammar School took part in a study skills seminar, facilitated by ‘Amazing Brains’. Pupils took part in a range of activities where they explored their learning styles, developed their study skills and worked in teams to explore the many areas of learning. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day and are ready to exercise their brains even further now!
This programme helps the year 8 pupils adapt to life in the postprimary school and learn more about the skills necessary to cope with life in the big school’!
Daniel Muldoon, Niamh Donnelly and Con Quinn looking on.

Daniel Muldoon, Niamh Donnelly and Con Quinn looking on.

On Monday 22nd September, the Year 8 pupils were accompanied by their form teachers and the year 14 prefects for their annual school Blessing. Our Chaplin, Fr O’Neill hosted a wonderful and symbolic Assembly that marks the beginning of their life here in St Joseph’s. Pupils from all four form groups participated in the ceremony through liturgical reading, prayers and songs. Students from across the year group shared their own personal prayers that they had written for their Religion teachers; prayers devoted to the special intentions of our friends and teachers. Ms Taggart, our Head of RE distributed miraculous medals and encouraging prayer cards to every pupil in Year 8; a symbol of the love, care and protection here at St. Joseph’s.
The lovely Assembly was enhanced by the beautiful music from Mrs Corr and her form class, 8X.   
Orla ORourke

Orla ORourke

Our Chaplin Fr O'Neill

Our Chaplin Fr O’Neill