Facilitator- Mr A.Gallagher

St.Joseph’s has joined the One-Wall handball craze, One-wall handball has become very popular over the past 3 years and it is now the most popular version of international handball. Handball is the ultimate game for both fun and recreation! The physical benefits of the game is endless, and it is a great, enjoyable activity for all ages. Using both sides of the body constantly, a vast array of skills are developed that are transferrable across other activities.


Branan Molloy, Eoin Kavanagh, Jack Fox and Piaras McErlean pictured ahead of their Handball Doubles Championship Final


Congratulations to Branan Molloy and Eoin Kavanagh, who overcame a late resurgence from Piaras McErlean and Jack Fox to clinch the Year 10 Handball Doubles Title!